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Welcome to the Wendy Customer Satisfaction Survey, where you’ll learn how to participate in the TalkToWendys survey and win prizes, including free meals and a cash bonus of up to USD 500. The only purpose of this survey is to receive Wendys’ feedbacks from the customers in order to increase the efficiency and customer experience.

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With the TalkToWendys Customer Survey, you participate in the Wendy Survey at www.wendyswantstoknow.com.

If you really want to participate in the TalkToWendys survey and searching for a good article regarding the same, you are at the damn perfect place, my friend. This article includes every bit of information regarding the Wendys Survey and in a very simple language.

About Wendy’s

Wendy’s is a fast-food chain established in 1969 by Dave Thomas and active mainly in the United States and Canada.

There are currently more than 6,700 Wendy restaurants in 27 countries. Wendy’s menu includes french fries, sandwiches, and hamburgers.

Wendy’s is supplementary of Wendy’s International. Sales in 2011 were USD 2.4 billion. 5200 agencies are managed by franchisees, 1400 by the company.

The company’s founder, Dave Thomas, named the first restaurant after nickname Melinda Lou, his eight-year-old daughter. He also established the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Thomas passed away in 2002 after running the company for 33 years.

In October 2012, Wendy’s old-fashioned hamburgers were changed to Wendy’s and a new logo was introduced, which was officially launched in February 2013. Also, a new uniform was introduced for the employees of the restaurant chain.


In the 1980s, the chain attempted to establish itself in Germany: in areas occupied by American soldiers or heavily frequented by American tourists, “zones” were created in separate branches. The sites were located in Munich / Augsburg / Landshut, Nuremberg / Fürth, Greater Frankfurt, Cologne / Bonn, Heidelberg / Mannheim / Worms, Baumholder, Hanau, Gelsenkirchen and Landstuhl. After a period, company withdrew completely from Germany.

Few Facts About Wendy’s

Here are some facts about Wendy that all true ice cream lovers should know:

  • Frosty has been here since day one. The famous Wendy’s Frosty, fresh, creamy and fluffy cake, has been on the menu card since Thomas’s first restaurant, with french fries, hamburgers, chilli and drinks at the fountain. It costs 35 cents. Today, the network serves about 300 million frosty every year.
  • Originally, Thomas only had a Frosty machine and he mixed chocolate and vanilla himself. It was after 2006 that the Vanilla Frosty became visible to the public.
  • Like many children, little Melinda Lou found it difficult to pronounce L and R and call herself Wenda. This slight discomfort of an innocent girl became the official name of her father’s restaurant with a slight change. Melinda Lou’s likeness was also utilized for the brand’s famous pigtailed logo.
  • The Japanese menu is quite surprising for everyone. When Wendy’s came into the market again in Japan in 2011, few classic items were seen in their menu such as burgers, french fries, chilli and of course, the Frosty- along with few surprising items, which made them even better.

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